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Michael Jackson | Dirty Diana

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put on makeup and then realized I didn’t wanna be social today


put on makeup and then realized I didn’t wanna be social today


the joker got his scars from trying to put a whole pringle in his mouth at once

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Newest addition to my arm.


Newest addition to my arm.

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sorry! your password must contain at least seventeen roman numerals and the entire script of shrek the third

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الشفاء قد لا تأتي بسرعة، ولكن سوف يأتي

Healing may not come quickly, but it will come


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With great power comes great responsibility, but for Spidey, that means taking on all kinds of crazy. The classic villains are creatures of the animal kingdom, and he also battles elements of nature. Here’s a list of Spider-Man’s top foes:

Swapping sanity for power, Scorpion made both Spidey the target of his wrath.

Had life treated him better, he might not have donned his flight harness and terrorized New York as Vulture. His suit makes him a match despite his age.

The only foe more skilled than Chameleon at using deception is Mysterio. This dome-headed illusionist isn’t someone who can be punched into submission.

He was a thug, but he became Rhino, who always went head-to-head with the wall-crawler, with each encounter offering no small amount of destruction.

This might be shocking, but Shocker is a dark reflection of his nemesis. He has a knack for science, but, like Peter Parker, struggled to live up to his potential. He created vibrational gauntlets, which he uses to commit crimes. He doesn’t have ambition, but his weapons make him a tricky foe to contend with.

Only Marvel could allow a guy to stumble onto a nuclear testing site and bond with radioactive sand. Sandman terrorized the world as one of the toughest enemies. But what makes him truly appealing is his conflicted nature.

What is the closest thing to Batman’s Joker? Carnage. Cletus Kasady is as psychotic as they come, but being a fairly one-dimensional killer keeps him from being an enemy that stands above the rest. Regardless, he’s someone that isn’t easy to overcome, even with the help of others.

His abilities make him a formidable foe for almost anybody. After being struck by lightning, Maxwell Dillon became Electro. Once, an insulated suit was enough to triumph over him, but every clash now puts Spidey’s life in danger.

He has a bad case of Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome, but neither had to worry about transforming into Lizard. That’s a problem Curt Connors wrestled with for years. Desperate to find a way of restoring his amputated limb, Connors tried to parlay his expertise in reptilian biology into a cure. Instead, he cursed himself. Ever since, Connors tried to maintain his humanity and prevent the dark side from taking control. The fact that Connors never gives in to his animal counterpart is what makes him a fascinating foe. He is constantly in pain and, as a result, Parker suffers, too; he views Lizard’s continued existence as a personal failure that he’ll stop at nothing to rectify.

With a father like Norman Osborn, it’s no wonder Harry became a bad guy. He and Parker were best friends, each finding a kindred spirit in the other, but Harry fell victim to his demons, nearly dying of an overdose. He suffered an inferiority complex, with Norman coming to favor Parker as his own. Discovering his dad was Green Goblin and blaming Spidey for his death, he took control of his late father’s business and weapons, carrying on the legacy of hate.

Not many can claim to have killed Spidey, but Kraven the Hunter can. Kraven beat him in a fight, shot him, and buried him in a grave, only for it to be revealed that he used a tranquilizer dart just to prove he was better. That’s what makes him so dangerous. He’s got an impressive skillset as the world’s greatest hunter, but his obsession with the hero is pretty damn scary.

He is a huge dude. Not just physically, but his presence in general. Preferring to manipulate henchmen into doing his bidding, Kingpin is at his best working from the comfort of his office in a skyscraper. While he may look like an obese man, his body is comprised nearly all of muscle. When Spidey hung up his costume, Wilson Fisk raised crime to such levels that Spidey returned from retirement to put a stop to it. Kingpin remains a thorn in Parker’s side, and he ranks high ‘cause he’s a big reason NYC has so much crime in the first place.

The doppelganger. The dark inverse. Venom is the polar opposite of Spider-Man, showing what he would become had he never learned the lesson of integrity. Whereas Parker was a skinny nerd, Eddie Brock was a short-tempered jock who ruined his career with a strong dose of yellow journalism. The two have much in common, but Brock’s failures compared to Parker’s successes drove him insane with resentment.

With mechanical arms fused to his back, Doctor Octopus is one of the greatest Spider-Man villains. While only a normal man, his metal tentacles give him ample strength. Doc Ock is able to have battles unlike anyone else: up walls, on the sides of moving trains; you name it. As a scientist, Otto Octavius brilliant, making him a match for Parker’s mind. He was the leader of the Masters of Evil and capable of coming up with threats that put the whole planet in jeopardy. He’s also the founder of the Sinister Six. In addition, he successfully traded minds with Parker, giving himself a new body while his opponent was left to die in his. So not only did he actually kill Spidey, but also is doing his job, socializing with friends and family, and beating up crooks, showing that he can be superior. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

The Amazing Spider-Man, by Phet Van Burton.

TLDR; who is your favorite Spider-Man villain(s)?





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